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Our passionate team of technology professionals have developed & designed this software which is simple yet accurate. Finmerce is the ideal accounting & inventory software which offers you 100% control on your business.

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Finmerce, offered by Wristcode, is a complete sales management solution. It is one of the simple, flexible, yet powerful POS and stock management software that allows you to keep track of your stock, revenue and expenditure details easily, efficiently and gives you a straightforward, well-organized and cost-effective system to gain complete control over the accounting procedures of your organization. Customers can select the customizable full control Finmerce platform or our SaaS solution as per their business needs.

Unlike the traditional cash drawers, Finmerce is fortified with attractive and useful features like the option of maintaining your inventory, keeping a check on your employees, offering customers a hassle-free and quick service and doing a lot more in addition to billing.

Finmerce Benefits

Easy To Use

Finmerce is really easy to use and intuitive, so accounting isn't nerve-wracking.

Increse Revenue

Increase profit and optimize cost by getting strategic reports anytime anywhere with Finmerce.

Save Time

Finmerce makes it possible to manage customer queues with quicker billing, auto account update, and auto-inventory, without any manual effort.

More Organized

Achieve easy billing, auto-update the inventory and accounts, and stay more organized with just few clicks with Finmerce.


Finmerce lets you tally account books instantly with physical inventory or bank statements to point out the glitches.

Accurate & More Clienteles

Welcome the automatic billing process to achieve accuracy and prevent manual errors. Offer discounts to customers and maintain customer database.

Finmerce is your key to control & profitability

The billing solution supports new services and provides innovative ways of addressing the market—obviously not a hindrance and certainly a help

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Finmerce Features

Billing & Invoicing Solution

The system features an easy to use billing or invoicing window, where the user can recall products by name or barcode scan. The user can easily enter customer information or can instantly search for existing customers, can convert order into bill, enter taxes, declare discounts and more.

Inventory Control Solution

Finmerce offers easy yet powerful control of inventory. It enables the user to instantly search and manage products tagged with product name, distinctive barcode, or SKU, and helps to get exact inventory information according to product type, and parameters along with all pertinent reports.

Stock Management Solution

Finmerce helps the users to get quick stock reports in both print or email format. It filters stock by supplier, category, and various other parameters, so that user can effortlessly take stock audit, anytime. Moreover, it captures inward and challan information.

Barcode Label Support

Finmerce supports flexible size of labels for barcode. Users can incorporate all necessary information on the barcode labels. These barcodes created by our system can be scanned by any CCD reader or barcode laser.


TFinmerce makes reports visible and readily available. It offers interactive features like, links and sorting to customers and transactions. User can access wide-ranging array of default reports related to Count Sheet, Clients, Pending Invoices, Payments, Products, Stock, Sales, Tax, and Stock Confirm

Full Backup & Restore

Relax with Finmerce. Our software lets you to schedule auto backup on regular basis or at any time you want and the backups can be easily stored on both external media and cloud storage.

Why Finmerce

Relax with Finmerce. Our software gives you full control of your business.

Outline Tax Structure

It can outline structure for Value Added Tax in billing. It has the ability to state structure for Service Tax, Excise Duty, and Sales Tax.

Auto Update Stock

It comes with the option to auto update stock whenever bill or purchase, invoice is drawn.

Secured Confidential Data

It secures all confidential data with muti login facility and give only required access to staffs.

Finmerce is the perfect Accounting & Inventory Software providing you total control on your business. Due to its certain characteristics like the easiness of operation, self-customization, flexibility options and options for timely upgradations, it is particularly useful for the self-governing users, traders and the retail chains.

Our sector specific orientation, built using most recent technologies, assure retailers, a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction and engagement, by aiding them source the correct product at correct price, and at the correct time.

  • Absolutely user friendly & really simple to operate. Offers an easy hassle-free and fast checkout for customers
  • Operates offline & it can be installed on PC or laptop thus can be used anywhere
  • It offers multiple modes of payment & has the provision to view all the purchases & invoices drawn on any particular day
  • It offers the option to see the monthly & annual graphical analysis report

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